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McKeany-Flavell offers commodity market expertise in sugar, corn sweeteners, cocoa and chocolate, fruit and fruit concentrates, edible oils, nutmeats, molasses, and other ingredients. Our valued commercial intelligence helps our clients position themselves confidently in these markets for a sustainable competitive advantage.

In our 2017 Spring Market Seminar, we will explore the challenges across many markets and present strategies to identify and avoid hazards. We will address factors that impact the entire supply chain, covering trends that will influence the cost of goods and discuss risk management solutions to help guide you through these turbulent waters.

Food labeling, food safety standards, and consolidation of the industry are affecting companies’ ability to source ingredients from approved suppliers. We will look at the potential opportunities and pitfalls of purchasing ingredients directly from foreign sources, as well as explore the nature of today’s supplier-manufacturer relationships. We will also look at how hedging can be used to manage costs for futures-based ingredients as well as other operating costs, and we will present market outlooks, setting the context for strategic decision-making.

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All industrial buyers and consumers of corn-derived products, as well as investors in that field, should understand the corn wet milling process, product portfolio, pricing, and industry growth potential.

This study covers the current state of the U.S corn wet milling industry, analyzing major industry players, their capabilities, and the supply and demand for wet milling products. With this information, buyers, investors, and analysts will have a sound basis for informed decision-making that incorporates industry pricing strategies, the impact of grind diversification and input costs, profitability comparisons, and more.

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